The Adhari Pool

Gradually filling the darkness

I was numberless years under the tree of life:

when now happened, unconsciously,

I awoke into the spring of creation;

my first sight was heaven.

The pool of the sun filled my eye;

tiny, coloured fish darted in my virgin tears,

immortal grass caressed my banks,

flowers kissed my face

and a zillion sporadic raindrops.

I murmured softly in the breeze;

hares and gazelles, doves and finches

bent and drank of me,

I saw the giant foxes playing on the marsh,

curiously changing the Universe.

Kings, paupers, priests came and went,

carried in what they were looking for;

held in my clear eye, born in my being,

men swam with the fish of paradise,

the great fish turning about my heart,

by the waving palms and corner of a temple



Ben Inman

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عين عذاري